1st Annual 4 Mcintosh Apples Kid's Day


On father's day, we were out driving around and Ean asked a question from his car seat. He said, "When is Little Boy's day?" He was at the point of tears as he asked the question. He further explained that we had a Mommy's and Daddy's day, but not a little boy's day. So, we told him that we would have a "Kid's Day" in a couple of weeks, where he and Ella would decide what we would do - well today was the day.

The plan was that we were going to have a Picnic at the Fort Wayne Zoo and then spend a few hours checking out the animals.

Setting the Table

After we ate our lunch, we all headed into the Zoo. Ean got to ride a pony and saw several animals including snakes, lizards, fish, sharks, wallabies, and many other. One of the highlights of the zoo is in the Australian section where they have a small version of the Great Barrier Reef and Ella was absolutely mesmerized by the fish. She stared at them swimming for several minutes.

Ella watching fish

The last thing that we did before leaving the zoo was feed the fish.

Feeding the fish

As we were feeding the fish, the skies opened up and the rain started pouring down. So we cut our zoo trip short and headed over to Ean's favorite store to finish out the day.

Backup plan

I think the Kid's day worked like it was supposed to as it wore out both of the kids as well as the parents.

Ean pooped out at the end of the day
Ella pooped out at the end of the day

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