Day Out With Thomas 2008

The 4 McIntosh Apples & ThomasWe took a 3 day vacation this past weekend to see Thomas the Train in Connersville Indiana. Ean has been a big train buff since he was very little. Ean would watch the trains just cruise by Aunt Mary's house for a couple of years now. (The Great Train Experience)As part of the mini-vacation, we went to the Indianapolis zoo on Friday, hoping that the weather would hold out. Fortunately, the weather was ok for us and we got to make it through the zoo ok. We enjoyed the Dolphin show, the new Ocean exhibit (with polar bears, penguins, and shark petting), as well as many of the other animals.Waving bye to the Baby GiraffeWe also walked around the White River garden and butterfly exhibit and looked at some of the many types of butterflies and plants.Eating some pineappleWe then headed over to Rushville to spend the night in a hotel before heading over to Connersville in the morning. We rode on the train for a 30 minute ride and explored the various functions they had at the event.Ean and DaddyOver all, both of the kids did great a job on the trip and the mini-vacation was enjoyed by all. To see more pictures from teh vacation head over to the Day Out with Thomas Pictures.