Sad Day in the house

Over the last couple of days, Ean's pet anole, Widget has been not eating and has been hiding more than normal from the male anole in the tank. April said today that the male was being rough and her and I guess it was too much. Widget passed away today.

We had talked about death to Ean previously but today was the time that he actually saw it close up. It was pretty emotional to see a 3 year old cry because his lizard wasn't going to be around any longer.

Here is a picture of Ean went he first got his anoles.
Ean and his Anoles

Saying his last good byes:
Ean holding Widget

Placing Widget in her resting place:
Saying Goodbye

Final farewell:
Helping to cover Widget

Ean is doing ok, but it has made everyone a bit sad to for Widget and Ean.