Slow News Time

I know that I've tappered off a little bit, but things are still going well around here.

Ella just had her six month appointment at Dr Rusk's office. She was 26 1/2" and 17lbs and 9oz. Both of those are in the 80% for her age. Ean was always 25% in height and 80% in weight. So far, it looks like Ella is going to have my height and Ean will have April's height.


Ella can sit up without help now and without falling over. (Well we have to place her in a sitting position). She is at the point that she is about ready to crawl. She can spin herself in circles as she reaches for things.


She has quite the appetite and loves Oatmeal, fruit and some veggies like sweet potatoes and Squash.


Ean is getting to be quite the goof ball. I had a doctor's check up today and the nurse asked me where my "animated son" was and I asked "you mean the kid that talks non-stop" - She laughed. He is doing well healthwise, but I think at times he gets bored being home all the time even though he tells us that we need to tear down the daycare because he doesn't want to go back there.


Ean has been getting into Star Wars action figures now that we have bought him a couple and he has been watching some of the movies. Makes me all emotional knowing that he is going to be a star wars geek. He is just not ready to share them with Ella yet and she is always trying to grab them out of this hands.


We are looking foward to our vacation at the end of August as it will be the first time we have been to Florida since Ean was one years old. He is looking forward to Alligator farm, the beach, and possibly Animal Kingdom.