Preschool Days

Ean started preschool on Wednesday for the first time. We thought it was going to be tougher than it was, but tonight he asked us if we could take him to school early so he could play more. There were a couple of tears as we left him in his classroom, but Ms. Leslie is very nice and took Ean over to the trucks to play as we silently departed.

Mom held back until she was away from Ean and her tears welled up a bit.

We thought it might be impressive if Ean was the first kid to be picked up from preschool in a Limo. All the families just stared as we drove around trying to get close to the door he was coming out.

Here is the video of Ean headed to school: [youtube=]

Here is a video of his posse waiting for him to come out:


Here is the video of him coming out of class and heading back to the car: [youtube=]

Here are some quick photos of the day: