Bailey's Birthday Party

Today we went to Bailey 5th birthday party at the Huntington Skating Rink. Bailey is the son of Whitney, who I work with and April has played with her for softball. I was really sure how Ean would take it as he tends to shy away from new things, however we have been trying to pump him up for it. It went rather well. Ean took to his skates immediately and we even tried a pair on Ella. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a pair on April.

All in all it was a great party with one exception. One of the ladies dressed up in a Birthday roo costume. Ean had the fear in his eyes, but as long as stayed across the rink from here he was alright. Ella, on the other hand, loved the costumed lady and went right up to her to get her picture taken.

Thanks Whitney and Bailey for the invitation!

**Sorry for some of blurry pics. Moving kids and dark lights don't make great pictures.**