What Father's Day Means to Me

For many years, Father's day was just another holiday to me. An excuse for the card companies to make some cash and the dads to lay around on their day off. The kids needed to buy a new tie or some cheap gift to make their father's groan and put the new gift in special dark place to never see the light of day again.

However, just over five years ago that all changed for me. Now that Ean and Ella are in my life, it is a whole different day. Not only is Father's Day a holiday to share with family, it is time for me to reflect on the joys of being a father. There are days that I want to strangle my kids when they are bickering, fighting, ignoring instructions, or not behaving in public and there are days that I want to hold my kids close and tell them that everything will be alright. I have learned many things by being a father beyond the diaper duties, making bottles, and cleaning poop. I have increased my level of patience and amazed at the joy in watching simple accomplishments. My kids teach me things daily that you cannot learn in school and I enjoy learning something new every day with them.

There is no better feeling than coming home from work having both of the kids running up to me yelling "DAAADDDDYYYYY!!!!" and both of them hug my legs before I even set down my bag. I'm sorry all of you dog owners, but the feeling when my kids bum rush me tops any pooch jumping up on you as you walking in the door. The smile on Ella's face when she goes potty in the big girl potty is worth a million bucks. Hearing Ean's teacher praise him for how well he is doing in school is enough to make me pound my chest and say "That's my boy!"

A blueprint has been laid out for me to follow that should guide me based on how I was raised. All I can do is take the blueprint and try to improve on the design and help my children to be more than I am. I've commited myself to do my best to help guide and teach them as they get older and venture out into the world when they are ready. I can relish in their successes, comfort them in their pain, and take pride that I was part of their lives and helped guide them (with the help of my lovely wife, April) in their decisions for their own lives.

So, to all of the dads in my life, I want to wish you a Happy Father's Day and know that I definitely appreciate everything that you have done to guide me, teach me, or support me in my own path in the world.