Figaro Missing - A 24 Hour Comic Day Comic

Ean and I went up to Digital Comic Book Service (DCBS) on Saturday for an annual event called 24 Hour Comic Day. The purpose of the event is to share a love of comics and produce a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Penciled, inked, colored, and lettered. It is a very tough challenge and not everyone completes it. I went knowing that we would probably not even make 1 or 2 hours, however I wanted Ean to experience the feeling of how to make a comic book. At first Ean was complaining that no one was talking to him, although I tried to explain that they were all working on their own comics. Then he didn't want to draw anything, he wanted to tell me what to draw. So we started off that way until he figured out that he didn't like my drawings as I wasn't drawing them the way that he wanted so he took over, which was the whole point of us going.

Below is the comic book that he created.