Ella with Santa Claus

After six years of having kids that absolutely hate being close to someone dressed up in costume, today was a total surprise for us. We were walking through the Food Court at Jefferson Pointe and passed by Santa Claus and his cottage. Ella ran directly up to him, bouncing the entire time and calling out "Santa Claus!!! Santa Claus!!" We were so stunned as she jibber jabbered to Santa and he gave her a small candy cane. She was absolutely beaming, so we asked if she wanted to sit on his lap and get her picture taken with him. She ran back up to him hopping up and down until he put her on his lap. This shot was taken nearly after that and there was no prodding or begging to get her to smile.

Oh how Ella surprises me almost daily and I loved to watch the pure joy in her eyes as she ran around Santa Claus, his chair and checked out his tree with all of the presents everywerhe.