This Running Thing Just Might Work

I posted a few weeks ago about my running progress and I wanted to follow up to let you know that I'm still going strong. Actually, I'm exceeding any expectations that I ever had set for myself. I never really had a goal set for times, distances or the like. I really just wanted to complete the 4 mile run/walk in September, however the more that I run the more I'm finding my pace and trying to improve it. On the 6th of June, I was running a two mile lunch run and ran a mile for the first time under 10 minutes. The time was 9m 59s and it sort of took me off guard as I wasn't expecting to do that well. The run felt good, no pains or cramps, and my mind was clear. Anyways today, I completed another such run and actually came in with my fastest mile time as well as the fastest average pace for 2.35 miles that I've had to date. Granted, these runs are not full 5k but with time constraints until I can consistently run 5K in under 30 minutes there will be no way to leave work, run, be back and shower all in an hour's time. Plus I'm trying to work on the 2nd and beyond miles endurance and speed as I have been quick first mile, second mile is a bit slower, and the third mile is almost 30-45 seconds slow than the first mile. So my two mile lunch runs have been helping me pick up the pace on the second mile as today showed me.


Physically, I feel good running now. Yes, I get hot & sweaty and pant quite heavily at times, but I can feel my body becoming used to running and is not resisting me any longer. Other things that I have noticed is that the pounds are starting to come off. I'm not really running to loose weight, but more to increase my activity (and outrun zombies looking to eat my face!) I've been hitting the scale once a week to see where I stand. I'm now down 11 lbs since I began running, but the biggest difference is the way that my clothes are fitting. All of my belts need to have new holes punched in them because the small hole is now too large. All of my pants/shorts are now starting to fall off my hips and I feel like those baggy pants gangsters with my pants on the ground.

So what's next up for Dylan on the running trail?

I'm currently registered for three 5K races and intented on registering for two others over the next four months. My first race will be the Heritage Days 5K in Huntington in June, July 14th is the Runners on Parade in Fort Wayne, August will bring Wildcat Days in Markle (woot! Home town!), and September is Ossian Days Dash and Fort For Fitness 4 mile. I've not looked beyond September seriously but there are some races out there in the area. I'll found out soon enough how I like the races even if I am slower than molasses.

Realisticly I only have three goals for the races - reaching the finish line, never walking and enjoying the race, which I borrowed from Haruki Murakami in his memoirs "What I Talk About When I talk About Running."

The next post I do will be the results and thoughts from my first 5K race next weekend.