Ella Goes To Preschool

Every since Ella knew that Ean was going to school, she has wanted to follow in his footsteps and go to school and be a student. Friday was her first day of school and she was super excited. Ella

Taking her down to the school, you would have thought she had been a student her whole life just needing to know where her classroom was. Once she saw it, she ran in and hugged the teacher never meeting her before.

Ean and Ella

As we talked with the teacher to discuss various things about her program, she became friends with the other kids that were already there and off she went playing with them. We got the hand wave when we were leaving and tried tell her goodbye. I guess the day went well as Ella's only complaint afterwards is that her teacher wouldn't get her a drink of water and she was only given a cup of juice for her snack.

Ean and Ella 2

She is still pretty excited to go back on Wednesday and her school career is underway.