Dylan's 2014 List of Achievements To Be Unlocked

Another year down, another incoming year of high expectations. Well not that high like Colorado recreational high, but more like expecting more than what happened. The downs are things more like things are going to be better, it can only go up from here, or the NSA finally admits that they are wrong…. Well some things won’t get any better but I think you know what I mean. At this time of the year everyone reflects on what went wrong last year and try to correct their mistakes or make improvements. I don’t feel that anything went that wrong with me last year so I’m just going to try and improve on what I did do right.I also want to merge some other side projects into the mix. These are all just personal development goals for me.

I am also a person that works better with a goal list in front of me being that I’m an achievement whore on xbox so why not make my goal list for 2014 into an achievement based system to see if I can accomplish all of them.

A quick note before we get into the nuts and bolts of the Goals is that I want to insist that you understand that these are personal development goals for me and it does not mean that I am not giving up on my normal responsibilities of work, parenting, husbanding, etc. This is just to help me in my own personal development as a person on the side and hopefully upgrade my knowledge and abilities as a result.

The total achievement points that I am shooting for is 2,014 out of a possible 2,014. See what I did there?


I have indicated six basic goals with a couple of side goals that are related to reading, writing, continued education and health. Nothing is impossible as most everything I have already accomplished previously but fell short by a couple steps before without finishing it fully.

So what is the reward going to be if I reach 2,014?

Maybe a fancy new phone since I would be up for an upgrade shortly into 2015, maybe a fancy new pair of running shoes, maybe just a fancy dinner, or maybe just a candy bar or even a kiss on the cheek from my kids. Who knows, but aren’t challenges about the journey itself and not the completion of it. So I'm off to start working on some of these so I can mark off something on the list.