My Little Monster is six

6 years and 1 day ago, April and I went in for her OB check up and the Doctor asked if we were ready for our second child. We both nodded vehemently and off we went to Lutheran for our soon to be born daughter to join us. After a very uneventful delivery where the Doctor and I chatted about vacation and he joked with April about needing to have ice water sprinkled in her face to make it look like she was doing some hard, we had our little Ella join the 3 McIntosh Apples and we became the 4 McIntosh Apples.


Ella continues to amaze me with her entire range of emotions that she can go through in about ...oh..... sixty seconds. Maybe it is a two X chromosomes, who knows? But at times she came make me laugh like no other and others make me so mad I want to strangle a teddy bear. She also can make me tear up with the emotion when she outpours emotion when she is reading a sad book or watching a sad scenes in movies or TV shows.

However, she is growing up to be an amazing and loving young lady, who freely gives hugs and smiles. She will make the shy and quiet kid in her classroom became a chattering box of joy. She is just an amazing person to watch and I look forward to many more years of being a part of her life.