The first rough and muddy for Dylan

I've been running for just over two years now and this past weekend I experienced my first mud run. I've ran in the snow and rain before so I've come home dirty, however this was the first course that I did that I ran through creeks, mud pits, foaming bubbles, and through some barely cut trails.

I wasn't expecting to try and put in a good time, but one of my teammates Matt took off at the gun and I tried to keep pace with him. I ended up with a 40 minute 5k, which isn't too bad for me with all of the obstacles and walking in order to not fall. The race itself I loved even after being a bit nervous towards the start. I hyped myself up by watching other mud runs on youtube before the kids and I headed to Bluffton.

As soon as the horn blew, instinct took over and I ran, climbed and crawled the course. I actually expected less open run paths but it was ok as it gave me a chance to get a lead on Mike, who I have trailed the last two races we have run in, the last one coming in ten seconds behind him. He got stuck in some traffic and didn't make