The First Decade

Wow. That was fast. 

First our tenth anniversary occurred earlier this year and now Ean is celebrating his tenth birthday today. There are very few defining moments in my life that has had as much impact to me then the birth of Ean. I'm sure that April feels the same way but I can remember every detail of the moment that he entered the world, the first sounds that came from his tiny lungs, to the sight of his newborn legs sticking up in the air as he laid on the scale being weighed in his birthday suit, to the look of recognition he gave me the first time he heard my voice while his eyes focused on my face. 

From that moment on, our lives would be forever changed. Not only as parents, a mother or a father but as living examples for this young man. Like many others, we want to be the guiding influence on his life, but in return I know that his influence on me is just as impactful as our influence on him. 

Watching this kid grow up has been a privilege to see how this intelligent, compassionate and insightful little person has become . We have our moments with him, like any other parent, but that is because we want him to succeed where both of us may have fallen short ourselves. 

We are extremely proud of Ean for all that he has done and are more excited for his future after seeing the early glimpses of his potential. He continues to impress us as every day that goes by. Happy tenth birthday, Ean!