Happy birthday, April!

This morning as my beautiful wife wakes up, she will be having another celebration of the day of her birth. As a gentleman should do, I will not announce her age, but will tell you that is she is younger than me in years, but she far wiser than me than her years will let on. 

I know that I mainly post pictures of the kids in their various activities and not nearly enough of April and I. However, as I searched through our pictures to include in this post, I saw pictures of April doing what she is really good at - being a mother. 

Behind every picture of one of the kids, or a picture of me completing a race, April is the one that is always there supporting us. She is the backbone and strength of our family. Without her as our foundation, we would never be where we are today and nowhere near as happy and loving. I know at times she doesn't feel that way, but other can also attest that this is true even if the kids are being total butt-holes and driving her crazy on any given day.  

April is one of the most caring people that I know and would do anything for those that she cares about. She supports me no matter what crazy idea that passes through my brain ("You're going to run 13 miles? Good luck with that."). She has fully supported my running expeditions and has been waiting and cheering for me at many finish lines during my running career. I have seen her at her worst (don't get me started on kidney stones) and I've seen her at her best. This lady is the better half in the significant other and I'm very happy to have her as my wife. 

Happy birthday, April and I hope to celebrate many more with you in the years to come.