Lucky 7

I scratch my head in bewilderment that it was only seven years ago today that we welcomed the fourth person into our family and I had to register to replace

I was already totally in love with April and Ean, so I wasn't sure if my heart could hold love as deep as I had already felt. Boy, was I wrong. The little girl that joined us has changed my entire view and outlook on life. I knew that being a parent would be life changing for me when Ean came along, however it was Ella that made my heart melt and know the true meaning of unconditional love.

This girl consistently impresses me with her caring and thoughtfulness with her desire to give to others. She is very dramatic in her storytelling, play time, and her outlook on life. On the flipside, her emotional breakdowns complement her personality when she stamps her feet down and storms to her room. But that same emotion can be expressed with love as well. Ask the teachers in her school, who she gives hugs to frequently. While Ean is more the silent anger and moping under punishment, Ella is very vocal about her opinions and mood. However, that is part of her charm. This does lead to some very loud disagreements in the house that all you can do is jump for the windows to not get hit with the shrapnel and fallout.  

I absolutely enjoy being around this girl and watching her grow up. The years are started to click by way too fast, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what she will be capable of reaching. We have always tried to impress on her that the sky is the limit and to aim high, as high as she can. Time will tell, but I'm ready for the ride and look forward to year eight. 

Happy birthday to my wonderfully warm and caring daughter, Ella!