The Wise Dancer

One sunny day, a wise dancer saw a huge drum and said to the great spirits, “Is this a gift to me or someone else?”
”To you, my Dancer, to you, for your dancing,” said the Great Spirit.
Then it started to rain and the voices vanished and he went to his teepee. He said, “What am I going to do without Mother Earth?”
When the wise dancer woke up, he opened his teepee door, the world was filled with color. The mountains were green, the flowers were pink and trees were filling the world up.
The Great Spirit said, “This is for your people, your new name is Boy Wise Dancer.”
The End
— Ella from a Native American school writing project

We were going through Ella's school assignments last night and came across this gem. You can see the original in the picture below, but barely cleaned up the actual text. This is a perfect example of the difference between our two kids. Ean's teachers always told us that he only wrote from what he knew and could not think beyond his immediate vicinity - family, cat, friends. On the other hand, Ella will write about anything and enjoys making stuff up. 

It may not be too much of a Thanksgiving post, but Happy Thanksgiving!