Happy Valentine's Day!

Update: My post published earlier than I expected, so it is updated with pictures of our template and Ella's valentines as well. 

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and hope that you can enjoy some time with someone special, no matter who it is. I wanted to share the valentine's videos that Ean gave out at school this week at his class party. 

The idea was that the valentines would have a QR code that the kids in his class would scan using their school iPad's QR scanner that they have used before in class. Other examples that we looked would just have a text message that would pop up and say "Happy Valentine's Day" or some other quirky quote. So, we thought, why not have a URL for a video of Ean's message instead? 

The videos below are what his classmates saw when they scanned their Valentine's QR code: 

So, not to leave Ella out of the mix, she also had some good looking valentines to hand out to her friends that she and April worked on getting together. According to the the reports from the kids, their friends all enjoyed the Valentines that were handed out.