Crazy 8z

Today officially ends the holiday season for the 4 McIntosh Apples. The youngest of us is turning a year older as she wakes up to head to school. This young lady continues to redefine not only who she is, but she challenges us to look beyond what we can be. She is funny, caring, loves to gives amazing hugs, and she has more emotions bundled inside of her tiny little body than I've felt in my entire life. 

This young lady can love like there is no tomorrow as well as express anger at a moment's notice. Without even thinking about it, she can brighten an entire room as she entertains everyone. She knows when someone is down and will do her best to try and cheer them up. She is the least shy person that I know and I admire her that for that. It is a trait that I don't carry with me. 

She is fiercely loyal and will defend those that she loves, however her heart breaks just as strong when she does not receive the same in return. At times, we struggle to keep her passion contained because the emotions far exceed the shell that carries them. 

She continues to show us that love knows no boundaries. Each day that I know her, my love for her grows exponentially. Watching her develop into an artist, a writer, a drama queen (in multiple senses) is one of the few highlights in this cold tundra known as Indiana. We are watching it unfold in front of our eyes, but we know that there are things bigger for her and we can't wait to see what she grows into and where it leads her in the future. 

Happy birthday, Ella.