The Number Nine

There are moments in time that you want to pause and force your children to stop growing up, but for me that is only a wish because I want to hold on to the nostalgic moment. However, I want to see what is in store for this passionate ball of emotion. Being a father to this young lady has awoken a passion to see her succeed and fight for what she believes is important in the world. Whether it is playing with her puppets or being the client of a makeover, or speak up for women's equality in pay, workplace, healthcare and opportunities in the world.  

Because of her passionate views on life, we tend to go round and round and she drives me to the edge far more than her brother ever did at that age. But that makes me love her all the more. Her stubbornness and bullheaded stance is only countered by her ability to love things entirely from the core of her being. 


To sit with her through a movie and end up with her in my lap as the tears roll from her face as emotional scenes are played out. For example, the tears flowed as a brontosaurus was killed in Jurassic World as they were her favorite and she couldn't stand to see them hurt. Don't even mention the final battle in Rogue One - the last half of the movie was a complete emotional breakdown. 

But that is what I love about her is how deep her passions run. Her highs are high and the lows are lows, but she is finding her range. Her hugs are stress relievers, her smiles are infectious and having her as my daughter only makes me a proud parent of who she is and what she will become.

Happy Birthday, Ella!